Scot Crader

Scot received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics at the University of Missouri – Columbia in 1991, and continued his education to receive his Master of Business Administration from Rockhurst College in 1993.

Scot was employed by DST Systems for 12 years beginning in 1992, starting as an entry-level accountant position.  In his 12 years of tenure at DST Systems, Scot was promoted seven times taking on greater responsibilities.  In his role as Finance and Control Manager, Scot was responsible for 65 million in revenue and managing 426 associates.  His responsiblities included preparing all financial models and pricing for all new business and existing client renegotiations. Scot later became a Finance and Control Manager for Boston Financial Data services a joint venture with DST Computer Systems.

In addition, Scot was the Managing Member of Regional Motors, LLC, a retail auto business.  Scot also became a Managing Member of RHC Investments, LLC, a financial investment firm.  Monarch Transport, LLC was co-founded by Scot where he served as its General Manager.  Monarch Transport, LLC was a start-up over-the-road trucking carrier whose annual sales grew to $12 Million in its initial 18 months with approximately 100 trucks and 120 trailers transporting goods across nearly all 50 states.

Currently, Scot is the General Manager of KC Processing Company, LLC and has been since its formation in 2019.   Its current capacity to process industrial hemp biomass to extract CBD oil is up to 50,000 pounds of biomass per day/1.5 million pounds per month, making it the largest extraction company in the United States today.