Meet Kansas City’s MEGA Extraction Lab!

Industrial Hemp Extraction and Processing Services


  • We can process up to 1.5 million pounds of biomass per month, generating up to 65,000 liters of crude a month.

  • Our fully inline system includes winterization and decarboxylation.

  • We offer a full host of fee arrangements, including: straight crude sale, flat rate tolling, splits, and mix agreements.


KC Processing Company, LLC is a Kansas City Metro based Mega Extraction Lab, located in Grandview, Missouri. We sell winterized, decarboxolated, industrial hemp crude nationwide. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use a cryogenic ethanol extraction process to winterize our crude.  Our exit temperatures are -50 degrees celcius. As a result our crude is exceptionally clean. We have been able to scale our process while maintaining  quality control.

Our primary goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. Given our capacity, KC Processing Company is positioned to be priced competitively in the marketplace.


KC Processing Company, LLC is located at 12901 2nd Street, Grandview, MO 64030. Our facility sits in a large industrial district in the heart of  the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The facility expands approximately 65,000 square feet.  We enjoy a large warehouse area allowing us to store up to 500,000 pounds of industrial hemp biomass in preparation for extraction.  In addition, we have a sizable equipment room encompassing our premium extraction machines.


  • We use state of the art technology and equipment in our extraction process.  Our numerous centrifuges feed the massive processing lines.  Each processing line contains multiple levels of filtration, evaporation, and decarboxylation.
  • Our fully inline system includes winterization and decarboxylation.  We winterize with a cryogenic ethanol process. Our ethanol is chilled to -50 degrees celcius prior to its introduction to the biomass. Our exit temperatures of the ethanol / crude mix  a is maintained at -50 degrees celcius.
  • Upon completion of the cryogenic extraction process, the crude is then pressed through multiple filters.  The final filter is a .5 micron filter.
  • As a result of the very cold ethanol temperature that we extract with, and our filtration process, our crude is incredibly clean.
  • With a reclaim rate of approximately 95% of the original CBD content, we are able to capture nearly all of the CBD contained in the biomass.


  • We test and monitor the temperature of the ethanol before it is introduced to the biomass and upon exit from the centrifudge. This assures that our crude is clean.
  • Our spent biomass is tested after extraction for CBD content to ensure we our maximizing the amount of CBD being extracted from the plant.
  • Multiple tests of the CBD content are performed during production on each barrel of crude produced.

Quality Control

  • We maintain procedures consistant with certification.
  • Records of all testing are maintained.
  • We obtain COAs on all biomass used.
  • External COAs may be obtained upon customer request.

What Our Clients Say

“We have had the ability to work closely with KC Processing Company and have been impressed with their organization and responsiveness.”

Tracy WeaverBuying Agent

“I have had a tour of KC Processing Company’s facility and am thoroughly impressed. They have a huge amount of space to store biomass and to extract hemp crude.”

John LarsonFinancial Manager

“After reviewing the strengths of the equipment KC Processing Company is using in their extraction process, I intend to use their services.”

Paul DuffHemp Grower
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