We process between 1.5-2 million pounds of biomass per month.  Given this capacity, we can supply our customers with large volumes of crude on a consistent basis.  In addition, this allows us to be more price competitive.

We use state of the art technology and equipment.  Our fully inline equipment system includes winterization and decarboxylation.  Having the entire extraction process within an inline system results in a higher reclaim rate. Our reclaim rate is approximately 95%, meaning 95% of the CBD content of the biomass is captured into the crude oil. We winterize using a high pressure filtration system.  We do not use heptane or similar solvents to winterize, resulting in a cleaner crude.

We Winterize with Filters

We use a high pressure filtration system to winterize the crude.  Over time, our lab technicians and engineers developed the perfect formula of solvents and procedures to use in the filtration process to winterize the crude.

We Extract with Ethanol

We extract with ethanol due to the large volumes of crude produced.  By winterizing with a high pressure filtration system, we avoid the need to maintain the ethanol at such low temperatures, like most labs, which otherwise can result in a failed winterization.

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